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The Child

The Child

This book ‘The Child’ features an amazing collection of new and some previously published poems, and promises to be a timeless collection, celebrating children and reflecting on their innocence and vulnerability.

Readers are also introduced to poems that are deeply personal - Don’s odes and tributes to his children and grandchild Shari (one of his grandchildren), from the heart of a father and grandfather, expressing his hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears for them.

The book would not be complete if it did not give space to children as the subject of the book. This is done through poetry from kids whom Don served. Poignant poetry, deep personal reflections and the cry for protection of the most vulnerable in our society, “The Child”, forms part of the writings about the universal child, who is Don Mattera’s core emphasis in this book.

The book also provides an opportunity to yet unknown poets to showcase their unpublished works in the section dubbed the “Young Lions” by exposing their poetic talents and sharing a leaf they took from Don’s poetic genius.

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