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REPORTING - MC Speech and Introduction

January 1, 2020

Master of Ceremony Elvis Presslin Speech and introduction


Speeches & Reports

Chairman's Address

Delivered by Kevin Martin

Full Event Report

July 12, 2025

DMLF Media  Report

Report Back


Event & Finances

Women Holding Hands
Man Writing
Image by Michael Longmire

Support Services Event Feedback

Shari Mattera's report

DMLF Letter of Appreciation

Template of the letter of appreciation to all those who sponsored, performed and gave support

Income & Expenditure

Financial Reporting

Pictorial of the DMLF Launch

Prep Team

Preperation Team in action

Launch Event - ready to roll

Get set, ready to party

Music from heaven

Kaya Mahlangu,

Pops Mohammed and Lebo Mashile
Truphonics and Various Poets got the party started

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