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"The Wild West- The Story of Westbury" finally showcased in the "KAS"

The much anticipated documentary "The Wild West- The Story of Westbury" directed by acclaimed film Director Dr Teddy Mattera was finally showcased to the interviewees, or as we would like to refer to them as the main "actors" in the movie.

On Saturday 24th April 2021, the Westbury Youth Centre hosted Dr Don Mattera, The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation, Barloworld Empowerment Foundation, the residents of Westbury who participated as interviewees in the documentary as well as local stakeholders for the screening of "The Wild West- The Story of Westbury".

​The documentary celebrates the historical past, present and future legacy of the inhabitants of Westbury.

In September 2020, The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation partnered with the Barloworld Empowerment Foundation to embark on a joint community outreach project for the people of Westbury to tell their story. We conducted 34 interviews with a range of people from Westbury amongst them Dr Don Mattera, who weaved the narrative from Sophiatown to Western Native Township to the current Westbury best known as the Place of Dreams.

The production team consisting of Dr Teddy Mattera (Director), Elvis Presslin (Producer) and Chilly Brown (Camera, Final Mix and Editor) received a massive round of applause for the sterling work conducted amidst tight deadlines, financial constraints, Covid-19 and a number of other logistical challenges to complete the project in only six weeks.

This first screening was meant only for the interviewees, but the Don Mattera Legacy Foundation is planning to host the community with a large outdoor screening at the nearby flats in the near future.

The Wild West Westbury Story coming soon to a Westbury flat, outdoor screen near you.


For ENQUIRIES, please contact:

Visit the Don Mattera Legacy Foundation website on:

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