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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Due to a few unexpected eventualities the planned Black-Tie event with the theme “Communities Honoring Don Mattera”, which was poised to mark the official launch of The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation had to be postponed to 1st February 2020.

The community of Eldorado Park will now NOT celebrate the poet and author of “Memory is a weapon”, Dr. Donato Francisco Mattera, better known as “Don” Mattera on the 5th October 2019 at the Don Mateman Civic Hall in Eldorado Park.

Chairperson of the Don Mattera Legacy Organising Committee, Dr. Leonard Martin said that they had to postpone to 1st February 2020 since there were challenges to resolve the immediate funding issues in time for the October deadline.

“We are fully committed to build an unbreakable basis for Dr Mattera’s Legacy Foundation. The challenges for the successful implementation of the launch is only temporary and we hope that it will be resolved soon. The most important among the challenges were a delay in expected funding and financial constraints of the Foundation which are beyond our immediate control”.

Dr. Martin and the Don Mattera Organising Committee team expressed their apologies to the community of Eldorado Park and the general public who was looking forward to a celebration of Don Mattera’s legacy.


Released by: Fundi Communications & Advertising

On behalf of: The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation

For more information contact 011 888 1234 or email

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