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Dr Don Mattera is still alive and kicking.

Another fake online post spreads a vicious rumor of his passing.

Award winning Poet, author and community activist Dr. Don Mattera is still alive despite rumor mongering declaring him dead.

Shari Mattera, Don’s granddaughter and manager of his affairs today confirmed that her grandfather is indeed alive. She said, “Please note that Dr Don Mattera is very much alive. The rumor of his passing on 6 July 2020 is not true and should not be believed”.

The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation, who is entrusted with the legacy of Dr Mattera, revealed that this was the second fake post of this nature, the last one being distributed in November 2019. “We want to debunk and assure the public that this claim is unfounded, incorrect and false. He is alive and well”.

The Foundation say that this is the work of a mischievous individual who want to mislead South Africans into the belief that Dr Don Mattera is dead.


Released by: Fundi Communications & Advertising

On behalf of: The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation

For more information contact: 011 888 1234 or email

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